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Let Us Explain

Understanding your league's landscape is a must for fantasy football owners in order to make the optimal moves necessary to bring home that sweet championship trophy. This is difficult however, since player rankings are constantly changing, players get injured, managing waiver wire pickups, teams underperform/outperform etc.

Don't worry, Fantasy Football Ranker is here to help you stay on top of your league this fantasy football season! Fantasy Football Ranker serves as a fantasy ranker to analyze redraft leagues, a dynasty ranker to analyze dynasty leagues, draft analyzer, provides up to date fantasy football player rankings and a fantasy waiver wire tool.

What You Do

Just click the "Rate My Fantasy Team" button above! Then select your fantasy platform and you will be led through the steps necessary to import your leagues rosters and settings. Fantasy Football Ranker currently supports sleeper, yahoo and espn football leagues.

What We Do

After we import your unique league's rosters and settings, we'll run our fantasy football league and team analyzer, player rankings, league power rankings, and waiver wire algorithms to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your league.

How it Works


The Fantasy Ranker is a fantasy team analyzer used to rate your fantasy leagues for redraft leagues and the current season for dynasty leagues. It is completely forward-looking and will project which teams are best for the rest of the season. The algorithm that powers the tool projects which teams are best for the future based on weekly player projections, your league's unique league settings, rosters, and waiver wire to provide you with an in depth analysis of your league this season.


The Dynasty Ranker is a dynasty team analyzer used to rate your dynasty league teams for this season and beyond. The algorithm that powers the tool projects which teams are best for the future based on player values from KeepTradeCut, your league's rosters, and KTC value adjustment. 

Fantasy Waiver Wire Manager

Optimally navigating the waiver wire can be the difference between bringing home a fantasy championship and going home empty handed. The Waiver Wire Manager is synced to your leagues available waiver wire options to provide you with the best possible waiver wire pickups for the current week, rest of the season, and future for dynasty league's.